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The Rant Zone

Because there's a shortage of bullshit, opinion-based ramblings written by assholes like me on the web.

Welcome to the 4th quasi-annual installment of the Lair. It has become a tradition here at the Lair for me to author the Zone in various altered mental states. After all - why would someone take several hours out of their life to create a web page that no one was ever going to read if they weren't fucked up?

Whether I was drunk, hung over, stoned, frying, baking, lightly sautéed, tweaked, or even sober I have always gone to the edge of chemical experimentation to bring to you, the imaginary reader, only the finest in self aggrandizing propaganda - a page which I feel has raised the bar on low expectations web authoring. Or lowered it. Whichever is worse.

This tradition was going well until a problem made itself evident...

I'm going to run out of new drugs under the influence of which to author the page by 2009!!!

Before long, I will be forced to seek out alternative influences under and about which to write. This would no doubt lead to such dubious activities as freebasing SweeTARTS and snorting dried yak piss.

Fuck that.

In order to avoid such atrocities, and maintain the 2 brain cells I'm rubbing together to forge this crappy page, I'll be hunting down a new gimmick for future editions. Worry not, I'll quite likely still be well inebriated, with some help from a few cases of Chateaux de Pabst Bleu Ribbon, but that will no longer be the focal point of my ramblings. Not that there ever was a point - or that it even matters.

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